What I'm Reading: The Laundry Files

It’s been a little while since I last posted an update. I’ve been busy at work, designing games and working on pinball. And I’ve been busy writing another book (no details yet, but I’ve done a substantial amount of work on it). Since I can’t share details about what I’m working on or what I’m writing, I thought I could at least share some thoughts on what I’m currently reading.

I’m currently re-reading the excellent The Laundry Files by Charles Stross. The Laundry Files is a series of books that is James Bond meets Lovecraftian Horror meets ISO-9000 certification manuals. It is absolutely brilliant. Summoning unspeakable horrors through portals into our dimension used to be done with magic, but all magic really is, is high-level mathematical equations. And with computers getting smarter and more powerful, more accidents are starting to happen where unsuspecting computer programmers are starting to bring through nameless creatures with a tendency to eat brains and possess bodies. Bob Howard is a computational demonologist that works for the British Government. Mr. Stross has a great writing style and a smart world-setting.

My friend Jason Durall introduced me to the series, and he had a hand in creating the excellent role-playing game based on the books, published by Cubicle 7. My goal here is to get enough of my friends to read the series and want to play the game with me.


Check out the excellent first book in the series, The Atrocity Archives.

The Atrocity Archives


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