The Purpose of this Page

What is the purpose of this page?

Stating the purpose of my page helps keep me focused on what I want to update here. I'm busy. I like spending time with my family. I work most of the day designing a great online game (Wizard101). I'm writing another book. I play games for fun, but also to keep up with the latest and greatest games coming out (it's part of my job! Really!). I'm looking into possibly streaming on Twitch. Maintaining a blog and a Facebook page is a lot of extra work.

With that in mind, I'll keep posts short here, but my goal is to start updating regularly. But updating about what, you ask?

I'm going to talk about my experiences in writing a book and in designing games. I've been designing games for 20 years, I'll talk about what I do and my approach to design. My debut novel - Necropolis PD - is set to come out soon from Parvus Press. I'll talk about how I wrote a book and got it published.

I will point out examples of good writing and good game design.

I will answer questions. I will update with news about my writing and games. I'll plug projects by friends and colleagues.

Take my advice and experience with a grain of salt, use what works for you. And hopefully you'll enjoy what you read here.


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